The Exclusive Mommy Make Over Package

The Exclusive Mommy Make Over Package

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The Mommy Make Over Package is an Exclusive Package designed for Women who want to transform their life and beauty.

This is a 10 week Program designed to take 10 years off your Face, and add 10 More Healthy Youthful Years to your Life!

This program is  designed for Women Who wants to feel better about their Health and Beauty.

If you are TIRED of Not Looking or Feeling like Yourself, When you look in the Mirror and You See Someone else.
You want to look more Alive and gain the Confidence You once had.

This program will remove lines and wrinkles appearing on your face, restore beauty from 10 years ago, this package will give you Energy, Remove Unwanted Weight, Dissolve Fat, You will Gain Energy, your strength back, and feel 10 years younger.

if you are loosing the battle with your aging beauty and body..This Program is for You!!

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this program includes-

55 Units of Botox that’s remove wrinkles 

3 syringes of Filler to restore volume that has been lost over the years in the face.

(our goal is to make you look youthful not overdone)

8 week of Weight Loss Injections 

8 Weeks of Body Sculpting 

1 Session of Liquid Lipo to dissolve fat

7 weekly Vitamin B12 Injections 

7 weekly Fat Burner Injections